Do you offer MillBox Training?
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Do you offer MillBox Training?

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Article Summary

MillBox Academy: The Ultimate Solution for Dental CAM Software Training

As the Digital Dentistry field continues to evolve, MillBox has become a vital tool for dental labs around the world. However, like any software, it is essential that MillBox users have the necessary training and knowledge to operate the software effectively. That's where MillBox Academy comes in.

MillBox Academy is a training program specifically designed to equip MillBox users with the skills and knowledge they need to make beautiful restorations as efficiently as possible. Each training is led by world-class trainers that are truly MillBox Experts, providing you with the ability to ask tough questions, dive deep, and expand your CAM knowledge.

MillBox Academy offers two distinct courses: MillBox Operator and MillBox Expert. These courses cover crucial aspects of the software, from the basics of nesting a crown to saving custom implant interface connections and creating custom strategy options. However, each course differs in its content, with Operator training focusing on the workflow and troubleshooting of various nesting operations, and Expert training focusing on more advanced topics, including strategy management and replace libraries.  
At the end of each course, all trainees are given the unique opportunity to become a Certified MillBox Operator or Expert (depending on the training course selected). Trainees who successfully pass the end of course assessments gain official certification, a valuable credential that can be put on your resume!

In 2023, former CIMsystem President Michael Webb launched Level UP CAD/CAM to provide various CAM training and consulting services with an emphasis on MillBox and Dental Milling. Through this partnership, Level UP CAD/CAM offers official MillBox Academy courses in collaboration with CIMsystem USA.

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Here's what you can expect to learn in MillBox Operator Training:

  • Complete MillBox Workflow from Start to Finish
  • In depth usage of Crown & Bridge and Implant Tools
  • Configuring settings and automations within MillBox to work for you.
  • Tips and Tricks of the trade


"For myself, I found the MillBox Operator Training extremely helpful, getting to learn all of the software's capabilities. The experience really provided us the comfort of being able to ask as many questions as we had without topics being just quickly glanced over. Rather, we got to dive deep into our comments and concerns. Giving us genuine excitement to then go experiment on MillBox back at the lab with a much better understanding of the software itself. I think moving forward we will have a much higher success rate within the lab. Thank you for providing us with the knowledge you did, for that we will absolutely be recommending the Operator Training." 

- Hope Thomas, CAD/CAM Technician, Cosmetic Dental Artistry Lab

MillBox Academy is a must-attend training for all MillBox users. With course content that is continuously updated to reflect the latest advancements and developments in the software, attendees are kept up-to-date with the latest features and functionalities so they can use the software to its full potential. This comprehensive and hands-on training program is the ultimate solution for anyone seeking to enhance their MillBox skills and knowledge. With MillBox Academy, you can be confident that you will be equipped with the tools you need to maximize your milling potential, and get a better ROI.

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