MillBox Mobile Notifications
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MillBox Mobile Notifications

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Article Summary

MillBox can now send mobile notifications directly to your smart phone or tablet. You can choose to be notified when:

  • A machine job has been successfully completed;
  • A machine job stopped because an error occurred on the machine;
  • The toolpath calculation is complete (optional).

Requirements for Mobile Notifications

  1. MillBox version 2020 or Newer
    • Standard Version / Comfort Module Required
  2. A Smart Phone or Smart Device with Android or Apple's IOS Operating Systems
  3. Telegram App (Free)

  1. Internet Connectivity at both the CAM PC with MillBox Installed and on your Smart Device

How to start receiving notifications

To start receiving notification, you need to be logged in Telegram on your mobile, and configure MillBox.

Get your chat ID with MillBox_Bot

To get started, you will need to contact the MillBox_Bot Telegram bot. By doing so, you will:

  • Get your chat ID, which is required for MillBox to send you mobile notifications;
  • Grant MillBox_Bot the permissions to notify you, once you check Enable Notifications in the MillBox configuration dialog.

Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Tap the upper-right corner.


  2. Search for "MillBox_Bot" & tap on it to start a conversation:

  3. MillBox_Bot will respond with your Chat ID:



    If your ID does not pop-up automatically, you can try messaging, "/start"

  4. You can now check nd fill the MillBox configuration dialog with your unique Chat ID:


  5. Once enabled, you could receive notifications for the following:

  • An error occurred with your Machine during the run.
    • Applicable only for machines with controller support / SDK available (IE: Roland)
  • Machine has completed your machining run.
    • Applicable only for machines with controller support / SDK available (IE: Roland)
  • Toolpath Calculation has completed

Settings Explained

If you open MillBox configuration dialog in advanced mode (using dealer password) and select the Notification tab. You’ll have to fill the fields as shown below - You can find your unique Chat ID above. For your Protocol and Machine Name, see field information below:


Enable Notifications

if checked, MillBox will send you notifications. To stop receiving notifications, you may uncheck it any time.

Communicator (Only visible with Dealer Password)
is the communicator by which you want to receive notifications. So far, we only support Telegram. We may implement more communicators / apps in the future. This field is hidden by default.

Channel (Only visible with Dealer Password)
is the channel that the bot will use to communicate with you.
So far, our communication channel is the MillBox_Bot via Telegram bot.

Chat ID
is the unique ID of the chat you opened with the MillBox Bot - This is how the bot differentiates you as an individual user and is specific to you. Please see information posted above to find out how to obtain your unique chat ID from the MillBox_Bot.

is to be set according to your machine manufacturer and model. Currently only Roland is supported with existing SDK on their controller, but we may add more machines in the future.

  • 0 = DWX-52D
  • 1 = DWX-52DC
  • 2 = DWX-52DCi

Machine name
is the name of the machine you want to be notified about and how MillBox_Bot will report notifications to you.

NOTE: You can change the Chat ID,Protocol, and at any time in the future.


Testing your Configuration

After configuration, you may want to click the send test notification button to verify that your settings are correct. If everything has been setup properly, you should receive a message from MillBox_Bot on your mobile device via Telegram. This confirms that your Mobile Notifications have been properly setup and are ready to use will MillBox!

If you are running into issues configuring Mobile Notifications, please contact your dealer for support.

Selecting the Notifications that you want to receive

Under the MillBox Notification Settings, you will find one optional setting:

  • Toolpath Calculation Done - When enabled, MillBox will notify you via Telegram when a calculation has successfully completed


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