Adding or Editing Pin/Block Materials
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Adding or Editing Pin/Block Materials

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How to To manually create a Pin/Block Type Material for WET BLOCKS

In our example we will be using an EMAX block.


First you need to measure the correct values of the block (Length, Width, Height) then you’ll need to add them into the software.

They will be added in the Block tab of the Blocks/Disc Manager

To open the blocks/disks manager, click CRTL + D from the main screen

After selecting the row with the block you want to change or using a material as a basis for creating a new block, click "Copy" to reuse the selected item for creating a new block. Alternatively, click "Edit" if you wish to make modifications to the existing material. This allows for efficient reuse of existing items or customization of parameters for the creation of new blocks in MillBox.

When editing a block, you’ll need to input the measurements of the Length, Width, and Height of the new block.
After these values are added, we'll set the Holder Device Position (Pin Shift), which is to centralize the block position regarding the metal pin; to do this you just need to click on the Icon of "Pin (holder) position" highlighted in the image below(you need to do this after the length, width and height were added to get the correct value)

Regarding the Holder Device Position, the pin may also be shifted in x or y axis - If it is, you will need to know what this shift value is and apply this appropriately. Also, some machines have the pin with groove facing up, others have the groove facing down. So it's important to know the proper orientation before you start creating the custom block and selecting the specific PIN .STL.


When adding new materials that haven't been milled on the machine before, it's crucial to consider whether the material you're creating is similar in composition to the baseline block or material you're using. For instance, using cutting parameters for Vita Enamic to cut Hassbio Ambermill might lead to issues due to differences in material hardness and characteristics. This mismatch can result in broken tools or blocks. Recognizing and accounting for these small differences in material composition is essential to prevent potential damage to your equipment.

After selecting OK to confirm your changes, you will be returned to the Configuration window and should notice the new block that you have created at the bottom of this list. Just like with the discs – it is good practice to group this block together with similar materials so you can ensure that the blocks are displayed in the correct order desired – typically this is by thinnest block to largest. (Top-Down)

MillBox has also added the functionality in 2023 to render your offsets / part borders with a square profile instead of a round one following the part shape. This will match up better with the reality during grinding where the tool removes a straight wall of material following the inside wall of the restoration:

If your CAM has not been configured this way, please contact your distributor so they can modify your fixture file to allow for this straight offset / part border.

When finished configuring your block, you can click Save. You may notice your block appear at the bottom of the table - it is suggested to drag this up to be in-sequence with other similar materials and to ensure that materials are displayed in the correct order while nesting.

MillBox will let you know it needs to restart to have these changes take effect.

NOTE: If this is your preferred material, you set any blocks as Favorites starting in 2023 - Any blocks with this flag will appear at the top of your material list dring blank selection:

Now that your custom block has been created – you can start a new job and select it from the list:

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