Nesting Basics
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Nesting Basics

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Here are some Basic Tips that can aid in the nesting process:

Using Mouse Controls and Keyboard Shortcuts - you can freely position your restorations optimally for milling.

You can select a restoration to modify by Left Clicking on the Object. When you do this, you will see information in a floating window that indicates a few different actions that you can take and show valuable nesting data.

In addition, you will also see various colored arrows and yellow widgets displayed around your restoration allowing for individual positioning options.

The activation of the icons allow you to move the object in every direction possible:

  • "Blue": is up and down in the Z Axis
  • "Red": is side to side in the Y Axis
  • "Green": is side to side in the X Axis.
  • The "Yellow Arrows", allows you to rotate the object in any specific Direction.

Nesting Basics.png

In this video, we talk about how to move your parts around, change their nested orientation and how to move / adjust your support pins:

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