Import Object
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Import Object

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Import Object


During this step, the user imports restoration .STL Files into the Job and classifies them accordingly for recognition by the CAM.

NOTE: It's highly critical to accurately specify each object type as the correct type of dental restoration. The strategy involves distinct operations tailored to each specific restoration type. Therefore, the selection the user makes for each item significantly impacts the milled outcome and result. Precision in categorizing the object type ensures that the appropriate milling operations are applied, contributing to the desired final product


You can use FileHub, a free utility - that comes included will MillBox to analyze, pre-sort and pre-prepare files for milling by clicking on the Mesh Viewer Icon displayed during the Import Object Step. For more info, SEE: FileHub


Navigate to and select an .STL File

  1. Select an Object Type for the item's classification.
  2. Preview .STL File (Optional) - Clicking anywhere on the preview will open another window allowing the free rotation and magnification of the .STL file being previewed)
  3. Import the selected file without advancing to the next step (to continue importing more .STLs or other Object Types) or C lick the check-mark to import the selected file and move on to the next step.

Selecting Multiple Files

You can select multiple files of the same restoration type for importation at the same time. Simply use the following key combinations with the mouse to select multiple items:

  • Shift + Left Mouse Click - By selecting a file at the top of the list and using this key combination to select a file lower or at the bottom of the list - this feature will automatically select all files in between the two.
  • Control + Left Mouse Click - Using this key combination will allow you to add individual files to a selected list simply by clicking each one that you want selected. You can also individually remove files from selection by using this same function.

STL Naming Requirements

.STL Filenames should not contain any special characters with the sole exception of dashes ( - ) and underscores ( _ )

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