New Job
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New Job

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New Job


In this step, the user chooses the machine that they are using in the Job and the Material / Holder for the material.

NOTE: Each machine has it's own list of materials that are specific to each individual machine's capabilities.

Tool Profiles
(Optional Step)

IMPORTANT: Before proceeding, it's crucial to ensure that you are using the appropriate Tooling Profiles based on the physical tools intended for use on your milling machine. This is particularly vital to prevent collisions. Each tool profile may differ in cutting parameters, influencing spindle speed, feed rates, step-over, and step-down increments on the machine.

Once set, MillBox will retain your default Tool Profile. In the future, if you change your tooling, it's essential to select the appropriate tooling profile. If your tooling is not available as an option, reach out to your CIMsystem dealer to have them manually add or modify your CAM configuration to accommodate your specific tooling.

To select a preferred Tool Profile, click on the Tool Profile button and choose the one recommended by your dealer.

Selecting a Material / Machine

Once your Tool Profiles are selected, you can proceed with your New Job:

  1. Select a Machine to work with
  2. Select a Material to machine
  3. Select a holder / clamp to use
  4. Click the check-mark to proceed to the next step.

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