3Shape Produce Integration
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3Shape Produce Integration

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MillBox is best experienced on performance PC builds or workstations. We have a list of recommended specs for you to consider when purchasing PCs.

MillBox recommended PC specifications

To run the 3Shape integration, you will need to be on 2023 or newer for annual updates. To check which version you are running, right-click on the Title bar, and on the side of the dongle number, you will need to see 2023 or newer.


Ask your dealer to provide you with the right installer.

How to Get Started with the 3Shape Integration

3Shape Integration 

At the end of the design, there are 2 options: Send and Save to the folder. To run the integration more smoothly, click on the Send button. 

We have the 42W “ready” (green point) in this sample.

Click on Send, MillBox will run automatically and based on the design / setting, it will show you directly which size of blank you want to select to mill your restoration. 

MillBox will already know the machines, the type of holder and the position (data pre-defined in the setting).

In the sample, you will see the 4 sizes of Vita Enamic available.

Select your blank, click on the green button and the MillBox will do the nesting and place the Pin.  

Check visually the positioning of the restoration in the blank and how the pin is placed. If everything's fine for you, you can select the button Start Mill.

The 2 main options are:
If you have your machine connected to the PC, click on Stream Job to the Mill. 
If you are not connected to the machine, select Save Toolpath. 
MillBox will prepare the strategy; it will show you a reminder where you need to load the tools (and the types).

In the sample, we have: 
Pos. 1: the ZGB2 - 2.5mm 
Pos. 2: the ZGB2 – 1mm 
Pos. 3: the ZGB2 – 0.5mm 

At the end, there will be a pop-up that shows you where the file was saved. 

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