MillBox Expert (Advanced Features)
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MillBox Expert (Advanced Features)

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What are the Expert (Advanced) Features for?

MillBox comes in varios different versions depending on where you obtained it. OEM are licenses that are sold and included with your milling machine and can come in either ECO (Locked Strategy) or Standard configurations. Please check with your software distributor to understand what type of license you have and how you can obtain the Expert (Advanced) Features of MillBox.

Expert Features are add-ons for users that have a need to process mid to high level production volumes or files that may originate from external companies / labs or clinics. These features have a focus on increasing productivity and enhancing quality assurance. 

Feature List:

Manually Edit Cavity Axis Angle

Requires v2022 or later

This feature allows you to manually select the cavity axis angle by clicking and dragging the widget. Every time you change the insertion direction, the offset and the undercuts will be recalculated, making it easy to find the best value visually.

Prioritize Milling Order (select objects)

Requires v2019 or later

This feature allows you to choose from specific restorations that have been imported and nested within a job for immediate calculation. This helps facilitate setting up batch milling for larger milling centers or allows you to simply prioritize the order in which your restorations will be milled out of the material.
Any files calculated will be split out as a separate Job while allowing you to continue working / nesting within the original project.

Easily Import Existing Interface Geometries into the Replace Library

Requires v2019 or later

This feature allows you to import an interface without a project started.
You can also replace a selected interface in a project with the imported interface.

Easily Copy / Rip Interface Data from Restorations

Requires v2019 or later

This feature allows you to select and export an interface connection from an object imported in MillBox and save this interface in the Replace Library.

Apply Custom Strategies

Requires v2019 or later

This feature allows you to apply a custom strategies to interfaces in your Replace Library.
 Applying a custom strategy is necessary in most cases and will increase the finished quality of the interface you’re trying to mill and according to it's inherent design features.

Customize Sintering Stabilizer Bar Position & Width

Requires v2018 - v2021 or later

This feature allows you to make adjustments on Sintering Stabilizer Bases to provide more surface area during sintering and to mitigate the likelihood of tipping during this process.

If the center stabilizer bar does not line up with the restoration, you can simply drag it up or down along the Z axis. This will minimize the likelihood of part distortion during the sintering phase.

Analyze Thickness In MillBox & Lab3D Explorer

Requires v2018 or later

This feature allows the user to visualize a thickness color-map superimposed on the restoration to be milled. When you select this tool, a color-legend with pre-set and customizable thicknesses will be displayed and the mesh will be colored by thickness. The thickness legend can be unique and custom for each material through MillBox's configuration. When the tool is activated the user can click any object to analyze and display its thickness.

Change Machine/Toolset

Requires v2018 or later

This feature allows you to change the machine or tool manufacturer selected. This only works in cases that have the same fixture and personalization code (in machine.arl). This can be useful if the customer has more than one machine copied and is using the multimachine.ini to manage them.

Change Abutment Angled Holes

Requires v2018 or later

This feature can be applied on abutments with angulated screw channels and allows you to change the angle of the screw channel with a simple drag-n-drop command.

Copy & Paste Parts

Requires v2018 or later

With this feature, you can create two or more identical copies of a restoration, without having to re-import it several times.
 This can be useful for quality assurance, product samples, etc. MillBox will even duplicate the exact support pin placement on the restoration, saving you the time of having to manually adjust each part.

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