Change Cavity Axis Feature
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Change Cavity Axis Feature

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Change Cavity Axis

Using the function "Change cavity axis," the user can manually adjust the cavity axis angle and tilt the cavity insertion direction to reduce or eliminate the undercuts.

Every time the customer edits or adjusts the angle, the offset and the undercuts will be recalculated. In a 4-axis machine, it can be used to remove one of two different cavity axes or to reduce the angle to finish a cavity even with short tools.

To use the Cavity Axis tool:

  1. Click on Tools
  2. Click on Curves and Surface Tools
  3. Change Cavity Axis
  4. Click on any of the Arrows above the cavity to make adjustments.

With the Standard Module, you can adjust the Tilt Angle Reduction slider; this can also help if you're using a shorter tool or a 4-axis machine.

With the Expert Module, in addition to the Tilt Angle Reduction, you can also edit the Manual Positioning and adjust the point of view to find the ideal angle for the cavity.

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